NWI Times: DOC Offers Good Citizenship

Doug Ross of NWI Times wrote an article about our project. Read the article below or read it on the Times’ website.

NWI Times
DOC offers Rx for good citizenship

The Munster Junior Historical Society normally reaches into the past, but it’s also reaching into the future for Indiana’s bicentennial.The organization, led by Louise Chickie-Wolfe, has received an official endorsement from the Indiana Bicentennial Commission for a project aimed at building outstanding citizenship.

Her project called DOC 200 honors young people who have Demonstrated Outstanding Citizenship (that’s the DOC part) 200 times.

The project is open to students at all grade levels, kindergarten through college.

There are four components to the program — integrity (honesty), acceptance of others, service and patriotism. The idea is that after demonstrating these traits enough times, students will get into a lifelong habit of practicing them.

“Just think of the potential positive impact of such an effort,” said Chickie-Wolfe. “An increase in the number of people practicing outstanding citizenship skills can have a huge effect on reducing social issues such as violence, crime, hatred and bullying.”

She’s excited about this project, and deservedly so. She wants to spread the word in every way so students throughout Indiana can participate.

If you’re an educator or the adult leader of a youth group of any kind, you’re encouraged to learn more.

It takes at least 100 days to complete the project, so you’ll want to get started soon.

Award ceremonies are planned across Indiana to recognize the hard work of every DOC 200 student. The projected day for those ceremonies is Dec. 11, the 200th anniversary of the date on which Indiana achieved statehood.

There is no cost to participate. Simply download and print the DOC 200 materials at www.munsterhistory.org under Jr. Society/DOC 200.

You’ll find an overview, pledge, the life skills of outstanding citizenship and record-keeping charts.

World Civility Day, coming up on April 14, has an event that’s open only to adults, because of the venue. But that would be a good day to launch this DOC 200 project in any youth organization.

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