Exciting Project Revisions

The newly Revised Edition of the DOC 200 Outstanding Citizenship Project© is now available as our way of welcoming in the year 2018. The Revised Edition now replaces the original project and is available in the Official Packet section of this website.

This Revised Edition has important changes that make it easier to follow, differentiates three separate levels based on developmental readiness, and now includes a life-changing Leadership component for older students in high school and college.

The Revised DOC 200 Project remains committed to building character, teaching and providing systematic practice in the important areas of Integrity, Acceptance of Others, Service, Patriotism and now Leadership.  All students, regardless of level, still demonstrate outstanding citizenship skills a total of 200 times in order to earn this prestigious status and award.

Skills and Awards  ~  Level 1 students (grades kindergarten through grade 2) work on four open-ended general skills of outstanding citizenship, and have more choices in how they demonstrate those qualities. Completion of the Revised DOC 200 Project earns an Outstanding Citizenship Pin and a Certificate of Honor. Level 2 students (grades 3-8) work on the 50 life skills of the original DOC 200 project, earning an Outstanding Citizenship Medal and Certificate of Honor. Level 3 students (in high school and college–undergraduate and graduate levels) work on 75 life skills of outstanding citizenship, that now includes Leadership, and earn the DOC 200 Outstanding Citizenship Medal, a Leadership Pin, and a Certificate of Excellence. All students who complete the DOC 200 Project at any level receive a copy of the United States Constitution.

Work in Progress  ~  Students who signed up under the original DOC 200 Project will complete their work following the requirements of the original program and should contact me right away for important instructions. This is especially critical for older students who can be given the option of  working on the new Leadership skills, with the Director’s approval.

Effective January 1, 2018  ~  STARTING IN 2018, ALL STUDENTS WHO REGISTER  WILL FOLLOW THE DOC 200 PROJECT, REVISED EDITION.  Only students who registered prior to 2018 may follow the original project, and those students must contact Dr. Chickie-Wolfe for approval and further instructions at  doc200project@gmail.com.

Get involved and make a difference!

The DOC 200 Outstanding Citizenship Project, Revised©, is available to every student in the United States, regardless of location, age, gender, or ability level. Moreover, I am currently working on appropriate adaptations for students of other countries to follow in order to earn this prestigious award. We must ALL work together to make this world a better place for everyone! I believe that strengthening Outstanding Citizenship skills in our children and youth is the best way to bring that about.


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