About DOC 200

DOC 200 Project (Demonstrating Outstanding Citizenship 200 Times)

Est. 2016


This character-building project promotes the practice of specific and important Life Skills that outstanding citizens demonstrate by showing responsibility, respect, a caring spirit, and a willingness to work hard for the good of this nation and everyone in it.


  1. To improve the quality of life for all American citizens by instilling positive outstanding citizenship traits in the young people of this nation who will help strengthen a Proud America.
  2. To promote opportunities to practice and refine important Life Skills in the areas of Integrity (honesty), Acceptance of Others, Service to Community, and Patriotism to country, while adults sponsor teams and serve as Role Models of outstanding citizenship.
  3. To instill strong moral values within our youth, encouraging them to be positive and responsible thinkers, caring problem solvers, and contributing members of society.


All students in grades kindergarten through college are eligible to participate, regardless of age, gender, ability, or location. Modifications are made for students in grades K-2 whose Life Skills are Kindness, Using good manners, Helping, and Showing appreciation, and also for high school and college students who are encouraged to organize service projects.

Students receive a packet that presents the fifty DOC Outstanding Citizenship Skills, an overview of the project, and record-keeping materials to self-document their progress. Each skill is demonstrated four different times, resulting in 200 acts of outstanding citizenship. There is no cost to participate. DOC 200 students advance through rankings of “College, Medical School with Internship and Specialty Rotation, and Residency” as they work to earn the distinguished DOC 200 status.

The DOC 200 Project is culturally inclusive, individualized, creates a lasting and positive legacy for our nation’s future, and is engaging and inspiring to youth and young adults.


After registering, students begin carefully practicing the DOC 200 Life Skills with care and intention at home, at school, and in their community. Only two skills per day can be counted toward the total 200, even on days when more than two skills are demonstrated. Therefore, the project requires a minimum of 100 days to complete. This structure insures that permanent long-term learning takes place through spaced practice and provides the opportunity to set lofty goals and persevere through hard work to achieve them.


  1. Students Begin their Journey of Honor and Service

Students demonstrate the DOC 200 skills over time, document their progress, and move through three levels toward earning their DOC 200 status.

  1. DOC 200 Awards Ceremony

Adults who sponsor a DOC 200 team agree to provide a simple Awards Ceremony when their team completes the project. Optional official DOC 200 Certificates, pins, and/or medals with ribbons are available for purchase by sponsors to present to their students at the Awards Ceremony.

For the official DOC 200 Packet, go to:


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